Approche socio-spirituelle d’éducation à la paix

Donata Uwimanimpaye


This article deals with how to educate younger generations in peace values. Peace cannot be handled in one way but in a holistic approach. In our case, we are not able to reach all domains and that is why we limit our reflection to spirituality and to social sciences. In spirituality we focus on some elements of moral and spiritual growth to reach the gift of peace which is given by God. In social sciences we focus on education and culture! To be artisan of peace requires both, the gift of God and the education in values of peace. Indeed, when a child is surrounded by immorality, jealousy, hostility, threat, abuse and lack of guidance, he learns to be aggressive and violent in his life. For the child to develop the attitude for peace, he must be educated in favourable conditions, such as the habit of contemplation, the warm affection of parents, educators and peers as well as of the different community leaders.
Devaluation affects the identity of the group and its relationship to others and their frustration leads to violence. That is why students have to learn tolerance and recognition. As autonomy and relationship are the basic needs for all children and adults regardless of culture, self-awareness may take place in order to know about one’s values and those of others for one another’s respect. Meeting the needs of all groups and all nations is affected by positive links between them and that is why it is deserved to teach the values of collaboration, empathy, compassion or sharing. When conflicts occur, which we cannot avoid, students have to know how to resolve them peacefully. This world of globalization systems shows a lot of values and it is hard for young people to choose. Therefore, young generations need models of people who, in their lives, have exceeded the limits of their groups for the sake of others. School moral and religious education, local communities, should give to educators and to students, effective guidance such as explaining the rules of life and the importance of respect for other people, by appreciating their good values and their beliefs, or recognizing their identity, without compromising their own.   



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